Parents Pledge

Nelson Mandela School For Social Justice Parent Pledge

AS A NMSSJ PARENT, Guardian, GRANDPARENT, OR CARING ADULT, I hereby pledge my commitment to work with and support the students and staff of NMSSJ. I support the NMSSJ culture for learning, NMSSJ values and mission and NMSSJ code of conduct. I pledge to help our community’s children achieve a true ownership over their own learning, and mastery of the content and skills they need to truly be college and career ready. I honor and support the NMSSJ expectations for teachers and students. In the spirit of Harambee, I honor the NMSSJ core concept of Ubuntu: “I am because you are and because you are therefore I am”. I pledge to ensure that my NMSSJ scholar embraces the NMSSJ culture for learning and I promise to work with the school to ensure that our community remains committed to rigorous instruction, cultural relevancy/responsiveness, social justice, safety and acceptance of all students and restorative practice. As the elders of NMSSJ we will strive to ensure that our scholars embrace and follow NMSSJ:

NMSSJ Code of Conduct

NMSSJ Language Code of Conduct

NMSSJ Values & Mission

NYC  DOE Code of Conduct